This section is only for returning students or students who have already been offered admission and who have accepted their spot at KIPP. 

KAPS 2016-2017 Registration Information

Online Registration:

KIPP Austin Public Schools online registration window is open from Monday March 28, 2016, through the beginning of May 2016. Parents/guardians are required to complete online registration for both “new-to-KIPP” and current KIPP students. 

Please note that in order to fully complete the registration process, families must provide schools additional documentation listed below for (see checklist) “new” and “returning” KIPP students. Additionally, families are required to attend with their student(s) the KAPS Orientation day in July 2016.  On the assigned day, families will need to complete remaining paperwork,  pay activity fees, complete a meal application, buy uniform shirts, and obtain other important information, including transportation. 



Online Registration Steps- User Guide:

There are 4 main steps to completing your online registration forms. A more detailed instruction guide can be found above in English and Spanish.

Step 1- Login: All returning KIPP Austin students were enrolled through the online registration system and should have a parent/guardian account already. If you do not remember your username or password, please contact your school’s front office. 

  • Enter your Username and Password under “Returning User Login” on the right side of this page.
  • If you forgot your password, select Forgot Password under the “Returning User Login”.

* Enter your email address, and your password will be emailed to you. If you didn’t provide an email, contact your school to reset your password.

Create an Account: If you are a new-to-KIPP family that has not used KIPP Austin’s online registration before, please register for a “New Family Account”:

  • It is important to create only one account per household so that the system will be able to save and access your information correctly.
  • Only the parent or legal guardian of the student may register the student.
  • Complete the information under “Create a Family Account” on the left side of the page. Note: Usernames and Passwords should not have any spaces.

Username Example: JohnDoe or

Step 2- Student Selection:  All returning students should appear under the “KIPP Student List”.   If the student you do not see is a new-to-KIPP student that received a lottery spot, please enter the activation code you received from the school that awarded the lottery spot.

Step 3- Complete Forms:  Fill out the guardian and student forms. Note: Student forms will need to be completed for each student, however, you only need to complete one set of guardian forms.

Step 4- Review and Submit Forms: After you have reviewed your information, Submit the forms and review a list of next steps. 





Checklist for NEW students:

In order to fully register, please bring a copy the following documents to your school appointment:

  • Health insurance information, if available
  • Student’s Social Security card, if available
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Student’s most recent Immunization/Shot Records
  • Student’s most recent TAKS/STAR results (K-2 students excluded), and a report card/ transcript
  • Student’s most recent report card
  • Parent/Guardian’s current driver’s license or ID Card with photo
  • Proof of Residency (recent bill with name and address, rental/lease documents, etc.)
  • TANF/SNAP Form in order to complete Meal Application (if applicable)
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan (if applicable)

Checklist for Returning students:

Please provide a copy following documents in order to complete registration:

  • Student’s most recent Immunization/Shot Records
  • Health insurance information, if available
  • Parent/Guardian’s current driver’s license or ID Card with photo
  • Proof of Residency (recent bill with name and address, rental/lease documents, etc.)

Health Information:

Immunizations are a critical part of public health, and Texas law requires students in Texas schools to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Please be aware that students without the required immunizations or a valid exemption will not be allowed to attend school. Please click "immunization requirements" to see a list of the required vaccination shots. You can also click "locations" to identify a clinic that provides vaccination services.