KIPP Austin Comunidad

SCHOOL VISION: We, the families, staff, and teachers at KIPP Austin Comunidad are committed to providing a transformative educational experience for 100% of our children. Through a dual language program that emphasizes high academic expectations and character growth, our children are empowered to think critically, problem solve collaboratively, and celebrate achievement in both English and Spanish each day. Our children will matriculate into a KIPP Austin middle school in the 5th grade able to read, write, and speak in both academic English and Spanish, at or above grade in all content areas.

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  • INCREDIBLE Teachers – 100% of the teachers at KIPP Austin Comunidad could teach virtually anywhere – they are amazing. Our teachers choose to teach with us at KIPP Austin Comunidad in order to be on a team of like-minded individuals who see working with kids as a sacred calling. Our teachers are knowledgeable, creative, resourceful, nurturing, dedicated, continuous learners, collaborators, driven by data and goals, and are persistent. More than anything, what drives our teachers is the idea that all of our kids, without exception, deserve the best education possible. That is what they strive to provide every day.
  • 50-50 Two-Way Immersion Dual Language program – All students at KIPP Austin Comunidad participate in a dual language program – building academic fluency in English and Spanish every day. In this program, students are immersed in both languages in a simultaneous literacy model. From Kindergarten through the 3rd grade, students receive instruction in both reading and writing in both English and Spanish. Students also receive instruction that support academic growth in English and Spanish in Math and Science as well.
  • Family Saturday School – once a quarter families, staff, and students gather to discuss school projects, learn new ways to support student learning at home, and enjoy homemade food with a community building potluck. The last Family Saturday School of the year features The Exhibition – an event where students and teachers present the impact they have made on our community with the knowledge they have learned from the year. 
  • Field Lessons – students have the opportunity to earn Field Lessons to off campus theatre performances, trips to the farm, and other special trips that support instructional programming. Our last Field Lessons culminate in an end of the year College Field Lesson. This year Kindergarten will visit Southwestern University, 1st Grade will visit the University of Texas at Austin, 2nd Grade will visit St. Edwards University, and 3rd Grade will visit Texas State University.

DID YOU KNOW...? KIPP Austin Comunidad is the first two-way immersion Dual Language KIPP school in the country and KIPP Austin Public Schools’ first elementary school, founded in 2010.

SCHOOL MASCOT: The honeybee.
SIGNIFICANCE: Honeybees work tirelessly in a highly functioning community (a hive) in order to produce a substance that is nutritious and incredibly delicious: honey. Like honeybees, our KIPPsters work tirelessly as a highly functioning community to produce knowledge. Knowledge is power!

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING: Our pioneer class of 3rd graders will graduate from high school and begin attending college in the year 2023 as confident, independent, collaborative, kind, respectful, bilingual and biliterate young people. KACD follows a school-wide, 50/50, two-way dual language program. Students spend about half of their instructional day learning content (literacy, math, science, social studies) in the English language and half of their instructional day learning content in the Spanish language. At KACD, we value children reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish as much as they are learning to do so in English. We uphold high expectations for students in both languages and in all content areas with individual student benchmarks, as well as school-wide, grade level-specific, end-of-year, and growth goals.

2012-2013 Results

  • Attendance and Student Attrition: On average, 97.78% of our total student body (488 students in Kinder – 3rd grade) attend school each day. In the 2012-2013 school year, less than 6% of our total student body left our school to live elsewhere or otherwise return to their home school. In other words, not only do our students and families stay with us from year to year, but the vast majority of our students attend school each day. Both of these measures leads to students being in school more often and greater results.
  • Family Satisfaction: 97% of our families stated in their end of the year satisfaction survey that they were satisfied with how KIPP Austin Comunidad is preparing their son/daughter for college. 98% of our families, on the same survey, stated that they would recommend KIPP Austin Comunidad to another family. This information is based on how informed families feel they are, the level of communication families receive, and the impact the school is making on their children and family.
  • Kindergarten Literacy. Last year, 93% of our Spanish speaking (51% exceeding grade level) and 91% of our English speaking (55% exceeding grade level) Kindergarteners were reading on grade level in their first language by the end of the year. 87-91% of Kindergarteners were reading on grade level in their second language by end of the year.
  • 2nd Grade Math. Last year, our 2nd grade program was recognized nationally by the KIPP Foundation as a top growth performer on the MAP assessment – a nationally normed assessment that all KIPP schools take throughout the year. Our 2nd graders demonstrate an immense amount of growth on this assessment between beginning and the end of the school year.

Click to view the 2013-2014 State Accountability reports for KIPP Austin Public Schools and KIPP Austin Comunidad.

TEA annually creates the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) which contain a wide variety of performance data and information about districts and schools.

Prior to the 2012-13 school year the TAPR were known as the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) reports. AEIS reports were published from 1990-91 to 2011-12.

Campus level TAPR reports can be found below:

KACD TAPR 2012-2013

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