KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary

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SCHOOL VISION: At KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary (KALE) we believe that students, families, and the school community must work together to create long-lasting, powerful impact in our world.

We value students' language and culture and believe that a rigorous, dual language (Spanish/English) education with a focus on service-learning will enrich our Leaders with the academic skills and character traits necessary to thrive in college and beyond. We empower Leaders to advocate for what they believe in, take action and create the change that will positively affect their communities in Austin and the world.

Learn more about KIPP Austin's Dual Language Program here.

SCHOOL FEATURES: KIPP Austin Leadership is a college-preparatory elementary school with a strong focus on preparing our students to become influential Leaders for change.  Students learn what it means to be a Leader, who some community leaders are in Austin, and how they themselves can be Leaders for change. We see each child as an individual with individual hopes, dreams, and goals, and work collaboratively to help each child achieve his/her goals. Classrooms at KALE have two teachers as well as multiple computer stations to allow for differentiated and small group instruction to ensure all students are able to reach their goals and potential.

DID YOU KNOW...? At KALE our students participate in clubs bi-weekly! Each student chooses a club that interests him/her and is lead by a teacher pair (ultimate frisbee, kickball, STEP, pilates, and CrossFit are some of the clubs being offered this year!)

SCHOOL MASCOT: The school mascot for KALE is the Leading Lobo (wolf)!  Like wolves, the students at KALE work together in a team to accomplish their goals. They strive for excellence and serve as Leaders for one another. At our monthly assemblies, we award students with the ”Leader of the Pack” award for demonstrating our values of Courage, Tenacity, Integrity, Community, Curiosity, and Bilingualism.








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ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING: KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary is a dual language elementary school in which students learn in a 50/50 dual language environment. All students spend half of the day learning in English, and half of the day learning in Spanish. The goal of the program is for all students to enter middle school as bilingual, bi-literate 5th graders. At KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary, all students receive a rigorous, college preparatory education with a strong focus on Leadership, Community Service, and character development. Students also participate in weekly Excellence classes: Individual Fitness, Team Fitness, Art, and Leadership Class.


  • KIPP Austin Leadership Elementary has been recognized as a top performing KIPP elementary school for the past two years in both Reading and Math achievement (as measured by the MAP Assessment).
  • in 2014, 74% of all students (K-2) performed at the 3rd of 4th quartile (above grade level) in Math according to the MAP Assessment.
  • In 2014, first grade students at KALE, were on average, performing at the college-ready level in Reading (as measured by the MAP Assessment).

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