KIPP Austin Obras

SCHOOL VISION: Everyone, regardless of socio-economic circumstance or background, deserves choice and opportunity. At KIPP Austin Obras, we believe that the power to guarantee choice and opportunity in life begins with a rigorous and relevant education that cultivates critical thinking, ownership of knowledge, and independence in our students.

By strengthening our students’ academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits through two-way Spanish/English dual immersion, student-led learning, intentionally relevant content, and blended learning we prepare students to thrive in and graduate from four-year colleges and universities. We forge a sense of team and family with families and members of the Austin community to create a school community that is stronger in unity than the sum of its parts.

Learn more about KIPP Austin's Dual Language Program here.

SCHOOL FEATURES: A key component of the KIPP Austin Obras curriculum features blended learning, which means that every student has an individualized learning path that is designed just for them. This approach uses adaptive computer programs that measure each students’ ability and adjusts instruction accordingly to challenge them with new material. This path makes sure that differentiation is occurring for every single student so that each one makes significant growth over the course of the school year. Additionally, teachers are provided with immediate access to daily data which allows them to plan small group instruction efficiently for the following day.

DID YOU KNOW...? “Obras” is the Spanish word for "work," in the sense of a creation, i.e., a work of art, a play, or masterpiece (obra maestra). It also refers to community service (obras públicas) and acts of goodness (una buena obra), all of which are important aspects of the school culture at KIPP Austin Obras.

SCHOOL MASCOT: The Obras mascot is the humming bird.

SIGNIFICANCE: The hummingbird is small, but powerful for its size. And, just like our KIPPsters, it is unique, doing things that no other birds can do such as hover and fly backwards.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING: In order to prepare students to pave their path and get what they want out of life, they need to be sharp critical thinkers. Daily instruction at Obras offers students multiple opportunities to solve problems, learn from mistakes, and immerse themselves in reading and writing in both English and Spanish. In order to help each student grow at his or her capacity, we use an in-class blended learning rotation model to provide students with individualized content on software for math and language arts in both English and Spanish. Most importantly, the rotations provide students with 3 opportunities to work in targeted small groups with their teachers each day.


  • 88% of students at KIPP Austin Obras made more than 1 year of growth according to the MAP test in Mathematics during the 2013-14 school year.
  • 74% of students at KIPP Austin Obras made more than 1 year of growth according to the MAP test in Reading during the 2013-14 school year.
  • 70% of Kindergarten students scored in the top 2 quartiles on MAP math at the end of the 2014-15 school year, with 36% in the very top quartile in the 2014-15 school year.